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Looking forward 15 years, a strategic plan should include a definition of the new paradigm developing in large-scale timberland ownership, management, and conservation.  Components of this new paradigm will include new methods of applying tax-related programs, conservation easement and valuation, carbon sequestration and carbon credit valuation, ownership, and trading.  Additionally, wetland development credits and trading, and methods to quantify intrinsic land values not yet recognized, will become standard.  Timberland ownership and timberland management for private and institutional clients with rates of return comparable to the S&P 500 are available in the marketplace through structured financial programs.


The mission of Landmark Natural Resources, LLC is to derive maximum value from the aggregation of evironmentally and ecologically unique rural acreage throughout central New England.  Through application of timber management and sciences, eco-system acquisition, conservation easement and financial structures, the Company leverages intrinsic values inherent in land ownership.



Landmark Natural Resources, LLC was created for perpetual land ownership and management and acquires sensitive and unique wetlands, remote wildlife preserves, mountainous land, and rural acreage with recognized conservation value. Using financial and forest management programs to reduce ownership costs and increase value, the Company's goal is to achieve internal investment rates of return that are competitive in the marketplace.


Landmark Natural Resources, LLC was created to manage and integrate eco-sensitive lands, timberlands, and large tracts of conservation land for long term benefit to both property owner and the environment.  

By combining diverse programs specific to tax benefits, conservation easements, long term timber ownership, and management programs, an attractive yield is offered to the timber investor through timberland acquisition and management.  With pension funds, timber investment management organizations, and sophisticated tax programs being a significant part of large scale land ownership, programs designed to bridge these disparate fields are required.  Landmark Natural Resources, LLC provides an integration of these services and supplies the many companies currently operating in this arena the systems available to facilitate beneficial timberland investment.