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Landmark Land Sales, LLC provides the option of an immediate sale of a Seller's land to the Company.  Landmark will provide the Seller with two prices.  The first price will be a suggested retail market value which, when offered on the open market for a reasonable period of time, would be expected to provide a sale.  The second option would be a price offered by the Company to the Seller for an immediate purchase thereby eliminating marketing time.  This price would be a discounted price to compensate the Company for its immediate investment.


The Landmark Group offers land owners, who wish to list their property for sale, specific value-added options that have the ability to improve the potential return on any property accepted into the program.  

The Value Added Program allows the landowner to benefit from the various specialty services.  These services include, but are not limited to financing, surveying, forestry, and marketing.  Through the sale of an ownership interest in the land, a landowner receives immediate cash and becomes a partner in the property, helping to achieve the highest return possible.